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Funding spinal research

Funding spinal research, both clinical and basic science, to advance the treatment of patients with spinal cord injury, spinal tumors, and other spinal disorders. Grants awarded on a competitive basis, although preference will be given to those who have an established program and serve the local tri-state area.

Funding educational initiatives

Funding educational initiatives, including outreach programs for students of all levels of studies and training, from grade school to post-residency fellowship training for surgeons-in-training.

Funding Charitable works

Providing financial support to patients with spinal conditions that cannot be treated where they live, and could not otherwise afford the medical costs of their treatment at a facility where participating and associated physicians would be able to provide the necessary services. These grants will be made to the treating not-for-profit facility after negotiating a reasonable rate for such patients.



We appreciate your willingness to help and support the groundbreaking research that Dr. Jenkins is undertaking to bring the practice of spinal surgery to the 21st century. The Greenwich Neurological Institute offers several levels of philanthropic support for Dr. Jenkins research, educational, and clinical charity, with commensurate levels of recognition for your support. Donations can be one-time or recurring, as our expenses are recurring.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  1. Summer Internship Program
    1. We sponsor 2-4 college or medical students for $3,000/10 weeks (college students/recent graduates, $4-5,000/8-12 weeks for medical students during summer vacations).
    2. This grant is to offset the costs of living in New York for the duration of the period, although most participants continue to work with us after their time on service to try to complete the projects they worked on. The student will be told they are the named intern for that year, and you will be kept appraised of their progress, both during the summer internship as well as afterwards to let you know the impact their summer experience had on their career path. The sponsor will be invited to the final presentation the interns make to the neurosurgical research community at Mount Sinai in August.
  2. Travel to present at national and international meetings:
    1. Medical students and residents who work on research will often get to present the findings of their project when our research is accepted to be presented at various national and international conferences, such as the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), the North American Spine Society (NASS), the European Association of Neurological Surgeons (EANS), Society of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS), just to name a few. The cost sending the resident or medical student is more than they can afford, and given the role promoting our research has in its being accepted by the rest of the medical community, the experience they gain in presenting at such a meeting, and the boost to their potential careers being seen presenting our data, makes offsetting this expense so important to the overall mission of the institute. These meetings with travel and hotel may cost $1,500 - $4,000 depending on the location and duration of the meeting. Often the students can get some expenses offset by the medical school. This gives the donor the opportunity to connect directly with the student or resident, to see the direct impact has, and the student or resident will send the donor a thank you and summary of their experience.
  3. Fellowship in Spinal Surgery
    1. We are developing a post-residency fellowship in spinal surgery, which includes clinical mentorship under Dr. Jenkins, cadaver, simulator, and "sawbones" training for minimally invasive and maximally invasive surgical techniques, as well as learning how to be an innovator and researcher in modern medical fields. This position will be open to the neurosurgeons who have completed a 7 year residency and wish to have additional training. The cost for this program will be close to $150,000 to implement, and the position will be named after the sponsor (or their designee). A named fellowship is a prestigious position for a graduate, and the opportunity to be designated as a trainee of Dr. Jenkins even more so. The sponsor will be invited to the graduation dinner for the fellow, the sponsor will get updates form the GNI as to the progress of the fellow over time, and the fellow will be encouraged to keep n touch with the sponsor afterwards.

Research Donation Tiers

  1. Friend: $1,000 - $5,000
    1. Your name (should you so desire) goes in the monthly Newsletter for the calendar year of your donation. You will get periodic updates as to the status of our research trials, publications, and invitations to events to discuss our projects.
  2. Supporter: $5,000 - $10,000
    1. Same as friend, but with a private tour of the price and hospital, and lunch with Dr. Jenkins.
  3. Benefactor: $10,000 - $50,000
    1. Same as supporter, but with a private dinner with Dr. Jenkins at a mutually agreed-upon time and location to discuss the impact the donation is having on our research program, as well as the impact the research is having on advancing the practice of medicine. Invitation to a private even for Benefactor and above level donors to thank you for your support.
  4. Patron: $50,000+
    1. Same as Benefactor, but additionally funds a particular research project, either in part or in total. Your name is listed as the source of the funding, and the trial will be named after whomever you designate. If the trial has a higher cost than $50,000, naming rights may need to be shared. Please discuss this with Dr. Jenkins to ensure your satisfaction with the status of your recognition.

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